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Hills 4 Hearts 2 donated 10,120 USD to asist the disaster recovery process in Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam

10 Mar 2022

In 2020, Quang Nam province was heavily damaged by 7 weeks of continuous tropical storm flooding and 2 typhoons, especially Nam Tra My district.

The storms destroyed much of the healthcare infrastructure provided by the 11 medical facilities in this district that serve 27,297 people, about 15,000 of whom are children under 20 years of age. Each CHC serves about 2,500 residents and each center serves about 400 patients per month.

Since October 2020, VCF’s Our Hearts to Central Vietnam Campaign, organized to call for donations to support thousands of people in the affected regions, has successfully raised over 5,6 billion VND (an equivalent of 250,000 USD). In November 2020, the campaign provided 12,000 people with emergency relief packages of basic food and necessities. From January 2021, the campaign focused on rebuilding medical infrastructure and providing mobile healthcare clinics in Nam Tra My district. The structural repairs were implemented at the district hospital and 3 other CHCs in Tra Cang, Tra Don, and Tra Leng communes. Four mobile clinics in Tra Leng, Tra Van, Tra Nam, and Tra Tap communes have provided free health examinations for 3,133 children and adults in rural areas. The provision of clean water filtration systems and a standard kit of medical equipment has been delivered to all 11 medical facilities of the district.

Joining hand with Our Hearts to Central Vietnam campaign, we have donated USD 10,120 - raised from Hills 4 Hearts 2 - to the Survive to Thrive program – VCF to provide 1 neonatal resuscitation system, 1 jaundice light, and 1 SPO2 oximeter for the neonatal unit of Nam Tra My district hospital. The medical aid will ensure a reduction in mortality and healthier children in the district.

Since installation to March 2022, there have been 322 children whose lives were saved or who owe their lives in part to this equipment as direct beneficiaries. There are 966 indirect beneficiaries and the total beneficiaries are 1,288. The feedback from all doctors confirms that medical equipment donation is critical for them to save lives; without this equipment, thousands of children would not survive.

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