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Baby Dinh Thi Quyen's Story

On June 28, Quyen was born in Nam Tra My district hospital.

Baby Quyen is sleeping well and safe in the infant warmer.
Baby Quyen is sleeping well and safe in the infant warmer.

However, the baby from the M’nong ethnic minority people was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit with severe medical conditions. After giving birth, Quyen can cry and her skin is pink, but his fingernails and legs are soft and thin. The scrotal skin has no wrinkles and her weight is 1,400gram.

According to the doctors, the Silverman score, which is used to assess severity of respiratory distress in newborns without respiratory support, of baby Quyen is 7, and a score of >6 is indicative of impending respiratory failure.

Baby Quyen was later diagnosed with premature organ development and neonatal respiratory failure. The doctors tried to save the baby by helping him breathe through the neonate resuscitation system, keeping him warm and continuously monitoring his condition.

Thanks to donated equipment and timely treatment, baby Quyen now has been

stable and discharged from the hospital. Without the proper equipment readily available,

this baby would have to travel to a provincial hospital. And like many others in remote

mountainous areas who perished, the serious medical condition and the long, rough

journey would wear out the child, and the baby would not survive the trip.

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