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Baby Pham Thi The's Story

Baby The Pham was born full term on Aug 23, 2021, at the obstetrics department of the

hospital. She was the second-born child of her family. After the delivery, she seemed

healthy as she cried loudly and had no difficulty sucking. However, three days later, the

baby showed signs of jaundice which gradually appeared from the abdomen to the lower

extremities. The baby was then admitted to the neonatal department for diagnosis and

treatment. According to the doctors, jaundice appeared from dermal zone I to zone IV of

the body and there were no abnormalities in other organs. The doctors diagnosed baby The

with jaundice due to an increase in unconjugated bilirubin.

Baby The was treated for jaundice at neonate department
Baby The was treated for jaundice at neonate department

Although newborn jaundice is common – about 3 in 5 babies (60 percent) have jaundice; if a

baby has severe jaundice and does not get quick treatment, it can lead to brain damage.

Baby The was placed in an incubator to keep warm during the phototherapy treatment; her

eyes were also covered to shut out the bright light. Eventually, on Aug 27, 2021, baby The

recovered from jaundice and the family happily took her home.

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